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Selling on is easy, but shipping to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is not. Just be a sales genius and focus on your marketing strategy, while we can help with your FBA Shipping service.

LTL, volume, partial and full truckload shipments to Amazon fulfillment centers require special handling. Specific rules and regulations must also be followed, i.e., Amazon requires all the carriers to schedule a delivery appointment with shipment/reference ID through their Portal System. Shippers can arrange any trucker to deliver products to Amazon fulfillment centers, however, Amazon will not receive merchandise without ISA confirmation.

SLM Express (AKA King of FBA) is the right one. We know who are Amazon's preferred carriers and we also have outstanding service contract with them. We can book your FBA shipments with these carriers.
Faster FC Processing (inventory/in-stock check in)

Delivery Van

The benefits of us using these preferred carriers include:

  • Special relationships with FBA, less rejected shipments, less detention

  • Special appointment time requests (weekend & midnight)

  • Earlier delivery appointments (next day)

  • Online carrier tracking system

  • Faster FC Processing (inventory/in-stock check in)

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